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These days software is crucial to be productive. It does a lot of stuff automatically and collects a ton of information and data at once.


What about saving time? There are a lot more reasons why you should be organized. The Meeting Book organizes meeting notes in one book. Try it out.

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Having an overview of all meeting notes, which makes it easy to look up your assigned tasks, notes etc. in one book.

All in one book

Be organized and put an end to your mess of meeting notes – Say goodbye to all your loose notes and different notebooks you have on your desk, where you don't know where to find your written notes you took last meeting.

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Always be prepared for upcoming meetings – From time to time you need to remember what conclusion was drawn in the last meeting. With one glance into your structured Meeting Book, you will be able to find notes you took weeks ago. It does not matter which meeting is up; you just need one book.

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