Managed Service -

Use your resources for other topics.

Managed Service with excellence.

Every system must be maintained and supported. In addition, there are the daily requests from the business that need to be implemented in the system. We take over the doing and you have resources free to concentrate on your business.

Admin Service

In daily business, there are always new requests that need to be implemented in Salesforce. Create users, create products, new territory structure, new fields, etc. Especially when there are not enough resources available or resources are lost, it is always a challenge to implement these requests. That's why we offer support from user creation to complete Salesforce support. So that you can use your resources as you have planned.

Data Service

We take care of any data that needs to be imported or exported into the Salesforce system. From the preparation of the data to the import process into Salesforce, we take care of every step for you.

Expert Support

User satisfaction with Salesforce does not depend on good features the system offers, but on how quickly and competently the user is helped with problems and questions. That's why we offer expert support that solves problems quickly and in a service-oriented manner.

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